Mattoni 1873 – Producer of Mineral Water From the Czech Republic and Serbia

PepsiCo, Inc. and Mattoni 1873 are now 100 percent owners of Serbian mineral water maker Knjaz Milos. The two companies acquired Knjaz Milos in March 2015 as part of an investment in Danube Foods, which owns confectioner Bambi and dairy producer Imlek. The deal is expected to help the companies expand their business to new markets and capture additional revenue from mineral water.

Mattoni, a leading Czech company in mineral water, is a well-known brand. This aqueous beverage is sold worldwide and is known for its mellow flavor and unique atmosphere. Aquila is another natural spring water bottled in Kyselka and is the perfect drink for everyday cleansing. Both companies produce different flavors of their beverages. For more information, visit their websites.

The company has expanded its operations in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic, and invested in modern lines that are capable of producing five thousand bottles per hour. The project created 12 new jobs and resulted in the company creating many more. The company is a leader in the area’s mineral water industry and is committed to improving drinking culture in the Czech Republic. The company’s flagship product, Mattoni, is the official water of the Czech EU Presidency.

The Aqua Viva water comes from a deep source in the Bukulja volcano in Serbia. This volcanic source is 500 metres below the surface and is protected by layers of clay and granite. Its volume isn’t immediately apparent, but at first glance, it looks much like a litre. The bottle is elegant, with a subtle slender recess for the all-round label. The label shows a stylised mountain landscape.

The Karlovy Vary region is rich in mineral springs with varying temperatures and tastes. The water was first used by Roman Emperor Charles IV, who went on to name the town after it. However, locals were already aware of the mineral springs, and soon after, physicians became interested. Now, research has confirmed the beneficial effects of drinking the water and bathing in it. This has earned the area worldwide fame.

PepsiCo West Balkans bought Marbo Product in 2008 and Karlovarske Mineralni Vody in the Czech Republic. In 2019, PepsiCo acquired Knjaz Milos, a mineral water and juice manufacturer, in Serbia. The company’s management plans to expand their business and expand their operations in the area between the Baltic Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

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