Finance and Technology News Sources

The Finance and Technology news sources cover all areas of the financial sector. These include Finextra, which covers the financial industry, along with TechCrunch, which centers on tech startups. If you’re looking for a broader perspective on fintech, you may want to check out Reddit, where you will find tens and thousands of users thinking about fintech. Also, Finextra publishes scientific articles. Financial News is an important source for fintech news, and in addition, it covers investment, banking, and fund


The Financial Revolutionist is another great source for finance news. It publishes briefings and perspectives every week. Each author has a unique voice and an original perspective, and your website manages to strike the best balance between news and viewpoints. BlueNotes, meanwhile, is a superb publication that gives a forum for insights, opinions, and research. There are lots of other finance and technology news sources you are able to check out, but these are the absolute most reliable.

Finance and technology news is always changing, and it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with it all. It’s important to remain informed, so you need to follow a number of news sources in English. The Fintech Times is a leading supply of FinTech news, with an everyday newsletter, articles, and in-depth analysis. The FM Group has a residential area that curates the Fintech news and offers an interactive platform for the community.

Finance and technology news is just a fast-moving industry, and keeping up with developments is essential for your success. The Financial Brand is definitely an internationally recognized thought leader on digital identity and money. The Financial Brand has 1.5 million readers across 200 countries. Another FinTech news source is Bank Innovation, which curates high-quality content regularly from the world’s top experts. The Financial Brand in addition has voted Bank Innovation as its top banking blog.

If you’re an investor, you need to follow Seeking Alpha, a residential area of investors that aggregates the utmost effective financial news stories. Its goal is to simply help investors understand the financial markets and how they work. There are many other finance and technology news sources that you can follow for financial information. They include personal finance, money matters for small businesses, technology news, and market data. To discover the best coverage of the financial markets, sign up for these news sources today!

PaymentsSource may be the authority on wholesale financial markets in Europe. It covers private equity, asset management, and the role of technology in these industries. Finextra has already been focusing on reporting technology-related news related to these industries. Its whitepapers and interviews have now been extremely popular on the list of financial community. There’s a growing listing of other Finance and Technology news sources you are able to subscribe to. And don’t neglect the latest Fintech news!

The Financial Times is another notable source for FinTech and finance news. It covers the latest developments in the sectors of fintech and blockchain. In addition it produces Insurtech videos and reports along with Willis Towers Watson. Other noteworthy sources include Hong Kong FinTech, which supplies timely, deep insights on fintech. It publishes four posts per week, and is devoted to providing data visualization solutions. Finally, a favorite cryptocurrency wallet, Coinbase, operates a website and video channel.

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