Asda to Sell Cancer Drugs at Cost Price

Wal-Mart supermarket chain Asda is launching a scheme to sell cancer drugs at cost price. The retailer already offers the same scheme for IVF treatments, which could save thousands of people from paying for expensive medicines. The move is a welcome development because cancer treatments are not always affordable through the state-run care system in the United Kingdom. However, the government’s decision to increase the cost of prescription medicines has led to a decline in the number of patients able to access them.

It is not only cancer that is an expensive problem, but it also entails a lot of research and development. The cost of developing cancer medicines is so high, that health insurers have to cover a large portion of the costs. Consequently, companies need to make a big profit to justify such hefty prices. Fortunately, there is a lucrative market for these drugs. For example, Pfizer has paid $11.4 billion for Array BioPharma, a company whose sole focus is on cancer. Продать онкопрепараты

Cancer is the most profitable area of pharmaceutical research, but it also has the most profit potential. Amgen has spent $11.4 billion on Array BioPharma, and is eager to commercialize its cancer-treatment portfolio. In China, cancer is the most common cause of death – there were nearly three million new cancer cases reported last year. This rapid economic and social development creates an opportunity for companies to sell a new drug. In addition to the profits, cancer-related research is the top-paid segment in the industry.

The oncology market is one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. Rising incidence of cancer and increasing healthcare costs are driving the market for cancer drugs. Additionally, early detection of cancer is becoming increasingly common, thereby reducing the risk of death from the disease. As a result, the market for cancer-related treatments is growing faster than in other industries. Many of these companies have reported revenue growth as a result of the oncology market.

The pharmaceutical industry has also made some strategic moves to expand their cancer drug portfolios. In April, Pfizer acquired Array BioPharma for $11.4 billion. The acquisition has been a win-win deal for both companies. It is one of the most profitable pharmaceutical deals in recent years. And it is expected to grow further in the coming years. As with many other pharmaceutical sectors, cancer is also a lucrative niche. The companies are now looking for new drugs that are effective in treating cancer patients.

Pharma profits are directly linked to the cost of cancer medicines. The price of cancer drugs has a direct effect on the revenue of pharmaceutical companies. The industry’s profits have risen to an all-time high, with the top 15 cancer drugs accounting for almost a quarter of all sales. In 2010, the average price of cancer medicines was only $1.30 per pill. In comparison, the top 15 cancer drugs represented a staggering $8 billion in revenue.

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