What Architects in Bologna Can Achieve

Atkins Studio is an architetti a Bologna, Italy, which is responsible for the conception and implementation of projects. The studio also takes care of all legalities and works under contract with clients. The studio has an office located in Bologna, Italy. Their projects include residential as well as commercial spaces and facilities.

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Atkins Studio has branches in Milan, where it is also responsible for the management of architectural developments in the area. Other branches are situated in Piacenza, Modena, Reggio di Calabria, Cavalleria delle Stere (Val d’Orcia), Vitoria and Sant’ Angelo in Basilicata. The studio was established by Giorgio Atkins, who is a recognized authority on mid-range residential architecture. In order to gain recognition and fame, the studio is involved in numerous prestigious projects. Architectural projects that have been executed by Atkins Studio include housing projects, corporate headquarters, industrial complexes, museums, restaurants, residential as well as commercial extensions and renovation projects.

The Atkins studio has branches in Bologna, where they are considered specialists in interior design. A student interested in architecture can obtain his degree online at this branch. Students may choose either to participate in a certificate program or a distance education program. The curriculum consists of lectures, seminars and one or two year workshops. A large part of the training involves lectures about building science, aesthetics, communication and project management. In the second year students participate in internships in several Italian architectural firms.

The main areas of focus at this department are sustainable buildings, which focus on the creation of environmentally friendly structures. Sustainable architecture is based on the concept of active and passive designs and the use of space management and design principles. Urban planning is another branch of specialization offered at the Atkins Studio which focuses on the successful implementation of policies related to the urban environment and development. Many architects from Bologna specialize in both residential and commercial projects in Bologna.

In the field of structural engineering the Atkins Studio focuses on advanced technologies and designs related to building construction and renovation. Their main areas of focus are structural engineering solutions for the manufacture and construction of high-rise office buildings, dams, apartment buildings, office complexes and retail outlets. Students pursuing a career in this field develop the skills required to construct structures such as stairs, columns, balustrades, balconies, masts and bridges. Atkins also offers a Masters in Specialization in Architectural Engineering which is a one year program. It is a fast paced program which allows students to specialize in an area of their choice within a short time period.

This award-winning architecture firm has branches in several cities throughout Italy including Bologna, Milan, Turin, Florence, Camerionnia, Genoa, Bologna and Siena. Students wishing to pursue a degree in architectural engineering can benefit from the Atkins Studio’s flexible program which caters to their specific needs. Students have the option to choose either a two-year program which allows them to complete the course work on the job or a one year program that enables them to enter the Atkins Studio full-time after having a college degree. Both options enable students to work and study concurrently.

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