Top 5 Cross-Platform Frameworks to Build a Successful Healthcare Application

To meet the challenges of healthcare IT departments across the globe, the healthcare industry has adopted various cross-platform framework. But having a common platform in the form of a framework makes it easy for developers to use it and share the same code throughout the organization. With this development, there is a reduction of time and cost. However, not all cross-platform frameworks are created equal. Here’s a look at the top five platforms to help you choose the right one:

Sibitalent App Development

Mobilehealth is an application delivery platform designed to help medical professionals and health information users gain access to their data and communicate with each other. The platform is designed with a social approach to provide easy sharing of information through different applications. It allows the use of Android devices, Blackberry devices, and iPhones as well as Windows mobile devices, making it accessible from any device in the office. With the help of built-in functionality and push notifications, the mobile application can be directly delivered to the user.

Mobilesource is a cross-platform framework that supports native code and Java. It offers integration with various databases, including those run by Oracle and MySQL. The platform framework also includes a Java programming language and a backend server to support requests with XML documents. This flexible, open source solution is perfect for projects that require fast development and minimal code maintenance.

Ingest is a flexible and cross-platform framework that provides a set of tools for developing enterprise apps. The framework is designed to help professionals in developing high-tech applications in a hassle-free way. It helps to create prototypes, wireframes, and test cases using the most popular development tools across different platforms. An easy to navigate interface and drag and drop functionality make the framework a best choice for mobile and cross-platform development.

The Diabetes iPhone application is a great example of a cross-platform framework that is designed to help diabetics manage their diabetes information at all times. The iPhone application can be directly accessed from the development platform without the need for a laptop or PC. Developers can check vital glucose values every time they want to view them. The platform framework allows for testing without the use of a simulator to identify the end-user experience. This makes the application simple for developers and easily adjustable for different devices.

Mobileworkers can use the BlackBerry platform to access their files from any location. The mobile workforce has the option of checking their app dashboard or file folder at any time to make updates on workflow or issues they might be facing in their daily tasks. Cross-platform mobile application development helps to develop a more effective healthcare strategy for companies with a global outlook.

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